Mac mini ssd vs fusion drive

The agents find that every part has a life time of ten years, but one part called the kingpin is in excellent shape. Ford weakened the kingpin because having it last longer than the rest of the car was a waste of money. It's a real puzzle why Apple chose to go this way. There's certainly no advantage to users. What they get out of it is anybody's guess.

The old saying applies, caveat emptor—buyer beware. If you think Apple won't screw you over, you're naive. This is not "borderline deceptive" at all! What's the problem?! Apple doesn't have enough billions to equip their mainstream desktop computer with storage options that don't cripple its performance? They did the same thing when they first introduced the super-thin iMac design. My iMac, which had a rpm HD, was faster than my iMac, which had a rpm drive that was clearly not up to the task of running the machine at its full potential.

Making money is one thing, but living to make money is quite another! Compromising the quality of your products in order to make more money is disgusting!

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Years ago, I would never have believed that Apple would ever do that. But now here we are! I would have thought that it would be a lot faster than my own MacBook Pro, but it was not. Was, because it was stolen two months ago.

I'll pay attention when I buy its successor, I'll happily shell out a bit more money from my work account if that can guarantee faster reaction times. Tidbits could usefully publish a piece about how to add a fusion drive to a desktop Mac. I'd like to, but don't know how, and it seems to be non-trivial. It is very non-trivial.

Besides the fact that cracking open an iMac requires serious expertise, creating a fusion drive with an SSD and an HDD requires non-rtivial skills in Terminal. You can find out how to do it by doing a search on the Web—there have been article published on the subject. It's a topic for serious propeller-heads, which is to say, not me. A bit off-topic here: In fact there is, but it's on a second SSD with I assume that all models, at least for , got the Possibly I could "unfused" the two, but so far have avoided looking into this.

In any event, it seems that if you have any sort of fusion disk then find my Mac won't work. I would have expected Apple to make that seamless. I'd think that the recovery partition would be on the hard disk portion, since it would be so infrequently used. You can add the Recovery Partition to the internal drive with third party utilities like Carbon Copy Cloner free demo. Are your two SSDs set up as a fusion drive? It doesn't seem so from what you say.

In any case, you can't extrapolate about Fusion Drives given you rather unique configuration. Offloading it to another drive is an unusual arrangement to say the least. You could back up your system, them wipe the SSD and do a clean install. Then migrate the system from the backup. That's if Find My Mac is important enough to you to go to that much trouble. I haven't actually tried to use it since I don't have an iPhone.

SOLVED: Fusion Drive vs adding a Ssd? - Mac Mini Late - iFixit

But it is enabled. Talk about a disgrace: The internal drive now serves as a backup. Maybe they use slow HDs because of heating and reliability reasons? Those iMacs are so thin..

SSD vs Fusion Drive

I too am disgusted that Apple cost-cuts on this essential component of computer performance to the extent that it undermines the whole experience. We are not talking about bargain basement hardware price wise yet Apple supplies rpm drives, or provides a sliver of SSD for fusion. Once a great advocate for Apple, my adour has decidedly cooled. I still appreciate their ecosystem as it works for me. However, I refuse to pay exhorbitant dollars for new hardware options that should be part of the default config. Instead I buy 2nd hand Macs that I can upgrade e.

How to Choose the Right Hard Disk for Your Mac

And all these fly with SSD. Unfortunately this strategy won't work long term so I live in hope that Apple will one day will provide desktop hardware that isn't fundamentally compromised at default configurations. Holy Cow! Share Facebook Twitter Reddit. Email Address. Adam Engst. That would be a freaky problem, but it doesn't sound unreasonable. Gary Schroeder. Dave Devine. Dennis B. Apple, why are you lying to, and ripping off, your customers? Hello, beachball. It's the randomness that kills me. I've been on and off this machine the rest of the afternoon and it's mostly been fine.

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  • I went fusion in my Mac mini. It's fast. I like it. I can keep the media on external drives, and only need the SSD for software and working space copy media downloads to the SSD, format and tag, copy back out to the external HDDs.

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    I wish I'd have gone bigger to a GB. When you got a bunch of steam games, the full Adobe suite, and are editing raw p clips, that GB gets eaten up pretty quickly. Go big or go home.

    Why I bought a Mac mini in 2018

    Then, I realized GB wasn't quite enough space. Once you're used to SSD responsiveness, you can't go back. So basically that only gives me like 10 GB for apps and stuff.. Just popping in to say that is incorrect.

    Fusion drive vs. pure SSD - noticeable difference?

    As you rightfully note, that would be idiotic. My understanding is that only the most frequently used files are stored on the SSD, and that excludes most of the 'spare' OS files. So pretty much the whole 24 GB is devoted to highly used files.